The Huet Brothers HB Coupé: Place your order now…

Hot off the press comes news from the Huet Brothers in the Netherlands that the HB Coupé is production-ready and now on sale.

In February this year, Classic Driver gave you early information on the technical spec of the two-seater GT. Now, the powerplant and final model line-up has been fixed for the all-carbonfibre (monocoque chassis and body) sports car.

Just 40 cars will be built for delivery in 2014 and they will be powered by a choice of two, two-litre four-cylinder engines, thus reducing the already svelte car’s weight by 200kg compared with the originally planned six-cylinder. Buyers can choose between a ‘Standard’ 170HP motor and the more powerful (255HP) ‘Cosworth’, where the 0-100km/h (62mph) time drops from ‘under five seconds’ to ‘under four’.


The Huet Brothers HB Coupé: Place your order now…
The Huet Brothers HB Coupé: Place your order now…The Huet Brothers HB Coupé: Place your order now…

Prices, without taxes, options, transport or delivery charges, start at 67,800 euros for the ‘Standard’ rising to 78,500 for the ‘Cosworth’.


In addition, each model is available in progressively more sporting versions: the ‘HB Coupé Classic’, the ‘HB Coupé Road Racer’ and the ‘HB Coupé RACE’. The latter is for track use only and comes with a full roll-cage and safety fuel cell.

As standard, all road cars are delivered with the following: a black or cream handcrafted leather interior; dashboard in the colour of the car; climate control/heated seats; a touchscreen entertainment system; heated front and rear windows; driver and passenger airbags; seatbelt tensioners; ABS and ESP; front and rear impact zones; side impact reinforcement in doors; and integrated roll-cage construction.


The Huet Brothers HB Coupé: Place your order now…


To reserve a car, prospective buyers need to place a (refundable) deposit of 1000 euros. They will then enter the order process with a reserved production slot before needing to confirm colour and exact specification.


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