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Make it rain with this 8,000-dollar umbrella

Lovingly crafted in Paris over a period of six months, this Atelier Umbrella by the popular Japanese fashion brand, Visvim, is priced at a quite remarkable 8,000 US dollars. Here’s why...

Goat’s leather, rattan cane, brass and beechwood were just some of the exotic materials – sourced from either France or Japan – that were utilised using artisan techniques by Hiroki Nakamura, the founder of Visvim. In doing so, he lovingly crafted what has become arguably one of the ultimate gentleman’s accessories. Quality over quantity is a large part Visvim’s philosophy, and this umbrella certainly encompasses that. To ensure you get the most from your new accessory, we’d suggest moving to London – it never rains, but it pours…

Photo: Visvim

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