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Garage Italia ushers in the season of spiaggina with their new Summer Wave capsule

In case the record temperatures hadn’t given it away, summer is here! Thankfully, Garage Italia’s new Summer Wave capsule is here to keep you feeling cool and colourful, and their 500 Jolly Icon-e configurator will help match your ‘fit with your summer ride.

The Summer Wave capsule from Garage Italia is here, and it looks like they ripped their colour palette straight from the local Gelateria. Consisting of tee shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts, the Summer Wave capsule is available in five pastel hues; blue navy, dark electric blue, wild blue yonder, sand, and pastel grey, designed to fit perfectly as a matching set or in any combination you choose. Perfect for those sunny day trips and versatile enough to carry you through into the autumn months, the Summer Wave capsule is strictly made in Italy, with the Garage Italia logo embroidered tone-on-tone for an even cleaner aesthetic. 

However, that’s not all. Not only can you deck out your wardrobe with Garage Italia’s fresh garments, but they have also prepared a configurator for their 500 Jolly Icon-e, so you can perfectly pair your summer ride and outfit. As a part of their Icon-e project, Garage Italia have been reimagining automotive cultural icons, and the 500 Jolly is the one of the first to undergo the process of electrification, along with the original Panda 4X4. We can’t think of a more flawless vibe than silently bombing around in a matching pastel ride and outfit along the Mediterranean coastline. So if you’re looking to upgrade your summer, Garage Italia should be your first pitstop.


Check out the Summer Wave capsule below: