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Éclectic Studio: Easy couture from Paris

They fit like a glove and are as comfortable as a second skin. The young designers from the Parisian label 'éclectic' prove that jackets and coats can be ultra-chic while still being easy to wear...

Shouldn't high fashion be as casual and comfortable as the shabbiest of much-loved cardigans? The designers at this young French label have responded to the times to bring us fashionable, wearable basics that are every bit as chic as the stiff, armoured jackets of the past. 

Hand-sewn in the Veneto

The jackets, waistcoats and coats in the collection are hand-sewn in a traditional studio in Veneto, with a relaxed modern cut. The materials themselves are a combination of traditional yarns with embedded fibres that are elastic, waterproof and durable. Take, for example, éclectic's 'Country Jacket' that is already a big hit among fashion-conscious men.

Photos: éclectic / Nils Herrmann

éclectic's entire collection can be found online at

éclectic and photographer Nils Herrmann were jointly responsible for the project Éclectic Portraits.

For further works by Nils Herrmann, see