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Worship your Ferrari in this minimalist Japanese abode

Created by Kubota Architect Atelier, this contemporary house in the busy city of Shunan in Japan is just the place to escape from the stresses of urban life. Besides, who doesn’t want to keep an eye on their Ferrari while watching television?

Step out of one world and into another

Shunan is an industrialised city located near the Seto Inland Sea, and it lacks anything in the way of scenery or character. As such, when the architects at Kubota Architect Atelier were designing this minimalist house, they had to really think outside the box. The resulting insular design, achieved with the use of three main L-shaped white slabs, control how light and air enter the home and provide an environment undisturbed by the surrounding noise and commotion. Its beautifully integrated terrace and pool are minimal and serene — though, expect the peace to be shattered when the Ferrari Mondial parked in the carport barks into life. 

Photos: Dezeen / Kenji Masunaga