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Unimatic has finally built a chronograph and it is superb

Praise be: Unimatic has bowed to the pressure put on it by the insatiable watch community and produced its first chronograph. And rather unsurprisingly, it’s knocked it out of the park…

Since its birth in 2015, the boutique Italian microbrand Unimatic has produced just two models: the Modello Uno diver and the Modello Due field watch. And for good reason – they’re beautifully minimalist pieces that meld vintage and contemporary design cues with an enviable Italian effortlessness. Throw in the fact that each of their numerous iterations, often designed in collaboration with other trendy brands, are produced in very small numbers, and Unimatic has the ears of the watch community well and truly pricked. 

The one glaring omission from its range, however, has been a chronograph. Well, not any more. Unimatic hasn’t reinvented the wheel with this piece. The Modello Tre takes the fundamental 41.5mm case design of its original dive watch and seamlessly implements the chronograph’s two sub-registers and pushers. Beneath the stainless steel or black DLC surface resides an automatic Seiko movement paired with a meca-quartz chronograph. And we think it looks wonderful, particularly fitted with the elegant and remarkably supple Italian Horween leather strap. Judging by its previous releases, you won’t want to hang around if you’d like to get your hands on one. 

Photos: Unimatic

The first individually numbered editions of the Unimatic Modello Tre start at 525 euros and can be purchased directly from the brand’s website