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Quit your life and start all over again in this Andalusian dream finca

Would you like to leave the hustle and bustle of civilization behind and start all over again? Your dream of a simple, self-determined, and happy life could come true at Finca Vega Grande in Andalusia.

Have you ever thought about escaping the hectic world with all its problems? It doesn't matter to you whether it's a power price explosion, hyperinflation, a banking crisis, water scarcity, or supply chain issues and skills shortages. Get out of the system and move to Andalusia. There lies an unpolished diamond - Finca Vega Grande.

A 35-hectare inland farm, close to the roaring sea, idyllically situated on a riverbank. Surrounded by an orchard, a horse pasture, a horse stable, a villa built by a Corbusier student, and an almost 100-year-old farmhouse with enough space for your friends and guests, garage spaces for your Porsches and Ferraris. The top destinations of Sotogrande, Puerto Banus, and Marbella are within striking distance.

This jewel, perfectly suited for Ernest Hemingway-style dropouts, offers 100% self-sufficiency, thanks to its endless supply of its own groundwater, fruit and vegetable gardens, as well as solar power. Even Starlink internet comes from the sky; you don't need to worry about anything anymore.

If you can't stand still, you can think about expanding the farm. There is enough space for projects such as a luxury hotel with a 1,700 m2 pool, two or three tennis courts, and even a helicopter landing pad or a driving range can be arranged. We present this extraordinary unique estate to you on a silver platter: Finca Vega Grande, a must for dropouts.