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These car sculptures will transform any room into a racetrack

Friends from school, Romain and Guillaume realised a dream with Atelier Circourt, to produce fine simplified examples of the worlds greatest cars. 100% made in France, these creations are a stylish addition to your home or office.

Like an original artists sketch of a new car, there is the shared passion of its founders for what is beautiful, the simplicity of that first line that defines a cars shape. With a finished size of approx.40 cm, these sublime shapes are the ideal size with which to magnify the powerful lines that make cars like the Porsche 911, Jaguar D-Type and Ferrari 250 SWB such icons. The cars are fully modelled and shaped in the workshop from solid blocks of sustainable beech wood - from PEFC forests, or aluminum, before being painted by hand. Finished in solid color for that simple pure shape, or personalized at the owners request, to evoke the atmosphere of motorsport: racing numbers, stripes and markings that define these cars in to the history books.

Atelier Circourt will initially offer just three models, the Italian ‘59 Berlinetta’, the German ‘63 SportWagen’ and the British ‘54 Short Nose’. The beautifully recreated shape makes these fine sculptures look like they are going flat out from any angle. You just need to decide if you choose one in a simple single colour, or create a bespoke homage to your favorite race car.