Was Iso Rivolta the unluckiest of all the Italian golden-era car makers?

From the iconic ‘Bubble Car’ to the brutish Iso Grifo, Renzo Rivolta’s creations are now considered among the most desirable Italian cars of the 1950s and ’60s. But building them was far from plain sailing, as a new online documentary series is poised to show…

A pioneering brand devoid of luck

Featuring interviews with owners and ‘tenacious restorers’, the eight-part documentary series The Iso Rivolta Chronicles will tell the forgotten story about a visionary brand, its ultra-talented founder and the cars that have carved their mark into Italian automotive history. 

Video: An Italian Garage

You can find more information about The Iso Rivolta Chronicles at An Italian Garage’s official website, or alternatively, you can browse a selection of Isos listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.