The Iso Rivolta Chronicles is a story every car enthusiast should know

Of the numerous Italian sports-car makers that somehow slipped into the annals of automotive history, Iso Rivolta is perhaps the one that showed both the most promise and the least luck. Now, a new eight-part documentary is exploring the fascinating marque’s chequered history…

A personal favourite 

Episode one of The Iso Rivolta Chronicles delves straight into what made the brand such a visionary: the cars — from the brutish Grifo to the luxury Lele and the sensational Bizzarrini. In addition to emotive interviews with dedicated collectors of the marque, the series also explores the insights of Roberto Negri, the owner of Iso Restoration, who ensures these special machines are preserved beautifully and authentically for future generations. If you thought you weren’t interested in these lesser-known sports cars, we suspect this beautifully shot short film will convince you otherwise. 

Video: An Italia Garage

You can find more information about The Iso Rivolta Chronicles at An Italian Garage’s official website, or alternatively, you can browse a selection of Isos listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.