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These are the photography kings of the Windsor Castle Concours

Whittling down the near-200 entries we received for our 2016 Concours of Elegance photography competition on Instagram was no mean feat, but we think these 10 images, crowned by the wild Lamborghini Athon concept, beautifully define the grandeur and appeal of the world’s finest concours events…

A classic concept


A photo posted by Thomas Kingshott ♛ (@thomaskingshott) on

After much consideration, we decided – together with the Concours of Elegance’s official photographer Tim Scott – that the winning image was this by Thomas Kingshott, of the spectacular Lamborghini Athon concept at Villa d’Este earlier this year. “I took this shot in the evening after most people had left,” comments Thomas. “I saw the Athon pull up in front of the Villa and I loved the way the shapes of the steps and the colours matched and complemented the car.” Not only will Thomas will spend the day as a VIP at Windsor Castle this weekend, he’ll also receive a limited edition copy of the Pullman Gallery’s Charles Avalon-designed Art Deco-style Concours of Elegance 2016 poster. Below are the 10 finalists’ entries, all of whom will receive a pair of tickets to the Concours of Elegance.

With flying colours


A photo posted by Alan Stewart Moffat (@asm1photo) on

We don’t think we’ve ever seen a bonnet ornament as graceful as this one, fitted to a vintage Hispano-Suiza.

French fancy


A photo posted by Clément Bornat (@clementbornat) on

We’d defy anyone to not stop in their tracks upon seeing this wonderful pre-War Bugatti – the French really knew how to design an automobile in the 1920s and ’30s.

La Dolce Vita

Lake Como, beautiful weather, an achingly pretty 1960s drop-top Ferrari – what’s not to love?

Gandini’s finest

The Lamborghini Countach is arguably the most era-defining vehicle ever produced. Own up, who had a poster hung on their wall as a teenager?

Just our Type


A photo posted by DR | Berlin (@onofftrack) on

We were beguiled by the patina on this Grand Prix Bugatti’s oval grille – if only cars could talk, we’re sure this one would have many a tale to tell.

The Queen of Pebble Beach

Interest in pre-War cars might be tailing off in the salerooms, but at events such as Pebble Beach, we think majestic beasts such as this one will always reign on the concours lawns.

Tour de Force


A photo posted by Paul Thompson (@valvebounce) on

This moody shot from the Concours of Elegance at Holyroodhouse Palace in 2015 entices you to get lost in its splendour.

Black and yellow


A photo posted by Paul Howse (@paulhowse) on

Audacious, extravagant and, if disrespected, capable of giving a nasty sting, the wasp really is the insect equivalent of the Lamborghini Countach.

Dawn patrol


A photo posted by Meagan Sabato (@msabato3) on

As many previous Pebble Beach-goers will attest to, ‘Dawn Patrol’ as the cars roll onto the concours lawn is arguably the most memorable part of the event.

A gentle reminder


A photo posted by Classic Driver (@classicdriver) on

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