Looking for a new way to arrive at Villa d’Este?

If the boat berths at this week’s Villa d’Este concours are fully booked, not to worry – you can still arrive aboard a Riva. Well, sort of: this mahogany and maplewood skateboard is inspired by the Italian runabouts of the 1960s…

Kick-flips at the concours?

You might encounter difficulties explaining to the famously fussy Villa d’Este security staff why your sleek, 1960s-style Italian steed is, in fact, a skateboard – but at least you could go with the angle that it’s arguably the classiest ever made. The product of a collaboration between Italian beachwear manufacturer Evin and the Italian woodsmiths of Pine & Tree, the ‘Fast Flowing Cruiser’ board is handmade using traditional woodworking techniques such as inlaying. As Evin puts it, “You can surf the asphalt of boulevards framed by palm trees in total silence, just like a Riva Aquarama used to slip off elegantly on water and in total souplesse.” Maybe that’s a more realistic application – the gravel at Villa d’Este isn’t the ideal surface on which to try a kick-flip anyway.

Photos: Evin

For further details, visit the Evin web-shop.

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