The perfect trio for a weekend on the lake

It seems that the guys from ‘Weekend Heroes’ are our soulmates. How else do we explain the fact that they’ve chosen three of our all-time favourite classics for a perfect weekend on the lake?

It needn't remain a dream

The combination is so unusual as to floor us completely: in their latest video, the young gentlemen of Weekend Heroes depict an International Scout towing a Riva Ariston to the lake on a trailer, with a Lancia Flaminia Spider following on behind. And the best part? It doesn’t need to be only a dream since all three – the Riva, the Lancia and the Scout – can currently be found for sale in the Classic Driver Market. We can’t recommend strongly enough that you buy these three exceptional classics as not only an investment, but also for a great many unforgettable weekends.

All listings from Weekend Heroes can be found in the Classic Driver Market.