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L’Art de L’Automobile enters the world of miniature monster trucks

Which impressionable young adult doesn’t daydream about owning a remote-controlled monster truck built by the purveyors of fantasy at Tamiya in Japan? A lifelong lover of the cult company, Arthur Kar of L’Art de L’Automobile has realised a dream just in time for Paris Fashion Week…

A true avant-gardist and influencer in our oft-staid automotive world, Arthur Kar of the Paris-based collector car dealership and fashion label L’Art de L’Automobile has an ability to sense what strikes a chord with the Hypebeast generation, be it with his Group C prototype-inspired t-shirts or his pop-up store reminiscent of the famous petrol station designed by Jean Prouvé. 

For his latest project, which coincides with Paris Fashion Week, Kar has teamed up with the legendary Japanese plastic model maker Tamiya to create his own version of the cult-classic Blackfoot remote-controlled car, aptly christened the ‘Karfoot’, and a complementary t-shirt. While the truck is for promotional purposes only, the t-shirt will be sold exclusively from 15–19 January at a pop-up store located on Rue Sainte-Croix de Bretonnerie in Paris, accompanied by special Tamiya-inspired packaging. Even a vague understanding of the circles in which Kar moves and the popularity of his collections is enough to know that the Karfoot tee will be hot property in Paris this week. Besides, who doesn’t love a monster truck?

Photos: L’Art de L’Automobile 

The Karfoot pop-up store will be located at 36 Rue Sainte-Croix de Bretonnerie in Paris and open from 15–19 January. Meanwhile, you can find L’Art de L’Automobile’s entire inventory of automotive stock listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market.