Instagram Takeover – Behind the camera with Stefan Bogner

Our ‘Behind the Camera’ series profiles the most talented automotive photographers in the world, the latest of which is the self-confessed Porschephile Stefan Bogner, whose penchant for staggeringly scenic roads and rare Porsche has earned him a devoted following...

Few people know the passes of the Alps as well as Stefan Bogner. The Munich-based photographer has not only dedicated his cult magazine Curves to the sublime snaking switchbacks of these scenic roads, but has also published several books on the subject. So idyllic are these routes that often no cars feature in his photography, but when they do, they’re more often than not built by his other lifelong love – Porsche.

How would you describe your signature style?

I’ve simply got to get the perfect shot, regardless of the weather. I like to work efficiently, and with only a small team.

From where do you draw your inspiration?

I have many different sources of inspiration: nature, people I meet on the road, art, design , food, old travel guides and my ‘old school heroes’ such as Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams or Jean-Paul Goude.

Why did you start shooting cars, what was the first car you shot?

I was shooting for Curves magazine in the Alps and decided to take a photo of my 911, and that gave me a taste for it.

Describe your most memorable photo shoot?

It would have to be either the Porsche 908 and 918 Spyder on the Swiss Alpine passes, or the trip from Stuttgart to Monterey in the Porsche 906. We covered 1,500 miles on the road in the 906, and that was an unforgettable experience.

Which pieces of equipment in your camera bag could you not do without?

I couldn’t do without my three Nikons, Zeiss lenses and Leica Monochrome. I always try to travel as light as possible, so every item in my bag is indispensable.

Which editing software do you use, and why?

Lightroom and Photoshop. They are simply the best programs for me to edit and organise my pictures.

Describe your dream photo shoot?

It would include three cars: a Porsche 904, a 906 and a 908 on a high mountain pass, using a 918 Spyder or 550 Spyder as a camera car. That or an Alpine tour from Austria to Switzerland, stopping off at beautiful small hotels such as the Villa Flor in S-chanf and, of course, meeting interesting new people.

Stefan will be taking control of Classic Driver’s Instagram account this weekend, posting his favourite and most memorable photographs. You can also follow Stefan’s own account here.