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Pixelated perfection, 8-bit supercars

From an idea formed seven years ago, Will Aron grabbed our attention when he turned his graphic style to Tyre Kicker Club, we had to find out more…

Will, great to meet you, tell us how this all started?

The idea came around about seven years ago, I was sat in my room watching a music video called 8-bit trip by Rymdreglage, around the same time an artist who creates work under the name ‘Jim’ll Paint It’ produced a series of film cars in a pixelated style. Those two combined in my mind and I just thought, why don’t I have a go at making some roads cars in a similar style.

That’s great, so you launched your Instagram a few years ago, but I guess it started to really get attention in the last few months?

I decided to try something different and took inspiration from the Tyre Kicker Club's Instagram page, I used their logo and picked out some of the cool cars from their meet in the summer. The concept generated some traction and I had really great feedback from the guys who run the TKC Instagram account.

Let’s press restart and talk about your background, what did you study at university?

I studied creative digital media, film and photography at university, I have always been creative, I have also been shooting car photography for eight years. On top of that I just love old computer games, I think I live in the ‘90s! Combining that interest with my love of all types of cars is a bit of a dream.

So how long does each drawing take to complete?

Depending on the complexity it can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, when I first started it was much longer, then I realised there was a simpler way to create the images. The Big Shock Dakar truck for example was probably the longest creation recently, that's coming soon!

Do you have plans to take the drawing to another level, tshirts, stickers?

My friends always give me ideas for the next step and my brain is constantly thinking of new ideas too, I would love to do something with animation. It would be nice to one day make money from it, if people wanted to buy some of the work then that would be fantastic, but it’s really too early to think about things like that and I'm not expecting a lot. I get so much support online with great comments, and that is what’s really rewarding, it’s just great fun. What I love is that creativity is unlimited.

Check out Will's work on Instagram at 8-Bit Supercars.