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The first Porsche Macan is now a timeless classic. Better buy one fast!

With the new Porsche Macan going all-electric, the current, petrol-infused model is suddenly getting a lot of attention. Particularly the first generation of the compact SUV with its purist, timeless design has all it takes to become a modern classic.

Don’t get us wrong: from a business perspective, switching the Porsche Macan to an electric platform might make sense – and the car unveiled recently in Singapore is a stunning feat of design and engineering. But writing for a publication called Classic Driver, we are somewhat interested in broader timeframes. Looking at the evolution of the Porsche Macan and the early days of its blockbuster career 10 years ago, we cannot help but notice how well the design of the ‘Baby Cayenne’ has aged. Created by Porsche’s long-reigning head of design Michael Mauer and predevelopment specialist Mitja Borkert – now in charge of Lamborghini’s design department – the Macan with its sculptural, organic and somewhat purist surfaces was an antithesis against to design language propagated by Volkswagen Group’s spiritual leader Walter de Silva, who added drama to even the tiniest hatchbacks by the use of sharp edges and polygons. 

Compared to most of the overstyled cars from the mid-2010s, the Macan stands in a class of its own – and it miraculously hasn’t aged a day since it was first presented. For us, it’s particularly the first generation of the Macan – which drew heavy inspiration from the 991-generation Porsche 911 and featured two rear lights just before the rear light band became part of the brand’s design language – that’s becoming more and more attractive as a sleek and affordable daily driver. Now if you find a low-mileage example in a desirable variation and and spec, just like this 2017 Volcano Grey Macan GTS, we recommend you don't hesitate. Remember what happened when the Land Rover Defender and Mercedes-Benz G Class went out of production? We thought so! 

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