Underground Hero: The Yakuza supercars

The Japanese tuning culture exists in a world of its own; few Westerners ever see it up close. But this short documentary, ‘Underground Hero – Love to Hate Me’ gives an insight not only into Tokyo’s tuning culture, but also into a far more secret world: that of the Yakuza gangsters.

At the heart of the film is a self-confessed Tokyo underworld ‘delinquent’ named Shinichi Morohoshi, and his crazily personalised Lamborghini.  Morohoshi-san was followed by film director Luke Huxham and his camera, mixing interviews with street scenes and much more. “My job is being a delinquent,” says Morohoshi-san. “I like flashy Lamborghinis, dangerous people, and Bosozoku (bike gangs).”

His love of Lamborghinis began when he heard the roar of a Countach echo through the urban canyons of Tokyo, and he’s not alone in his preferences. Equipped with leopard prints, wild spoilers and futuristic flashing lights, the Yakuza roar through the streets of the red light district, Kabukicho, spreading fear. It’s not a car – or a lifestyle (thankfully) – that is to everyone’s taste, but the film makes for fascinating viewing.

More on ‘Underground Hero – Love to Hate Me’, and other projects by Luke Huxham and Maiham Media, can be found at maiham-media.com