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Through the Swiss Alps with a Lamborghini Miura and a Porsche 906

Photographer Stefan Bogner usually prefers to capture his beloved Alpine roads 'naked', without a car, motorcycle or person in sight. So it took two very special sports cars to persuade him to forgo this principle…

A unique opportunity

“Getting to drive and photograph these stunning cars from my childhood has always been a dream of mine,” says Bogner. So when the opportunity arose to capture the Lamborghini Miura and Porsche 906 together in the Swiss Alps, he didn’t think twice. The breathtaking new images have been used in an updated version of the long-out-of-print Switzerland issue of Curves magazine. 

The throttle is the only concern

Of course, the man behind Curves hesitated before changing the car-free concept of his magazine – since, goes his reasoning, the reader should be able to fantasise about these serpentine roads, no matter whether they prefer to travel by car, bike or bicycle. But those concerns were short-lived. “With the accelerator fully depressed at every opportunity, my worries disappeared,” jokes Bogner. We’re not surprised.

The new edition of the Switzerland issue of Curves, featuring the Porsche 906 and Lamborghini Miura, as well as all previous issues can be ordered from