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These 5 perfect Bugatti Chirons are for sale. Which would you pick?

With Bugatti’s new hybrid V16-powered hypercar due next week, we thought we’d pick five of the finest examples for sale on the Classic Driver Market to remind us why the W16 Chiron is an instant classic.

Next Thursday, June 20th, is a very special day, because we’ll finally be treated to the Bugatti Chiron’s replacement. Sadly, the W16 is being retired — with the Mistral representing the engine’s final outing — instead making way for a cutting-edge hybrid V16 powertrain. However, the sheer fury of the W16, which was first introduced with the legendary Veyron, will never be forgotten. So, before the Chiron relinquishes its throne as the hypercar king, we thought we’d share five of the finest examples for sale in the Classic Driver Market. Let’s take a look below!

Ready for Launch

Choosing the specification for a multi-million euro hypercar can’t be easy, so the launch specification can often be safest bet for a jaw-dropping automobile. Don’t believe us? Just look at this stunning two-tone French Racing Blue and dark blue 2017 Chiron, which almost matches Bugatti’s own launch specification from 2016. An exposed carbon rear gives this example some individuality, while the stunning tan interior was always an excellent choice. 




Quick Silver 

How do you make a 1,480 horsepower, W16 hypercar even more attention-grabbing? This 2017 Chiron’s first custodian provided the answer by specifying a mirror-wrapped Argent Metallic front end from factory, combined with a Nocturne Black rear. Dubbed ‘La Mer Argenteé’, this is one of just three Chirons with this style of horseshoe grille, and this example even benefits from the upgraded sport suspension and wheels. 




Damson Damsel 

Bugatti may be synonymous with French Racing Blue, but this 2019 Chiron’s Damson exterior has us thinking deep purple is the colour to have. Tangerine highlights on the brake calipers, the underside of the wing and throughout the interior add a pop of colour to this Chiron’s otherwise sinister specification, while the cherry on top has to be this example’s special order Gunpowder exterior trim. 




Hold Onto Your Weave 

We’re rather fond of tinted exposed carbon, so if you ask us, this 2020 Chiron Sport’s full blue carbon exterior was worth every bit of the extra 400,000-odd euros added to the already enormous asking price. Step inside, and you’ll discover a cocoon of light grey leather with contrasting dark blue leather elements. If we could pick any Chiron from the Classic Driver Market, this might be it.   




Go Fastest Stripes

It’s a common joke in the car community that go faster stripes add at least 10 horsepower to any vehicle, but nobody will be laughing at the Tangerine stripes on this incredible delivery-mileage 2022 Chiron SuperSport 300+. That’s because they signify that this machine is mechanically identical to the car that Andy Wallace piloted to 304 mph at the VW Group’s Ehra-Lessien test track. Limited to a frankly ridiculous 273 mph and just 30 cars, the SuperSport 300+ will go down in history as one of the very fastest production cars of the internal combustion age.