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This Tailor Made Ferrari 599 GTO won't leave you feeling blue

Bespoking a car is not a new concept, in fact most cars were finished with personal options back in the day, but this unique Extra-Campionario Blu Ghibli Cup 599 GTO is the finest example of how to use the Ferrari ‘Tailor Made’ customisation programme

GTO, three letters that are not used flippantly when it comes to Ferrari. Standing for Gran Turismo Omologata, there’s of course the 1960s 250 GTO and the 288 GTO from the 1980s and the 2011 599 GTO. weighing 100kg less than the standard 599 the GTO was essentially a road going 599XX. Quicker than the Enzo around the fabled Ferrari Fiorano test track, the 661bhp 599 GTO will sprint to 62 mph in under 3.35 seconds before going on to comfortably hit its top speed of well over 200 mph.

The run of 599 cars sold out immediately with a handful of cars receiving the ‘Tailor Made’ customization. This example for sale with DK Engineering was supplied new to its first owner by Cornes Ferrari Japan, uniquely specified in the stunning Extra-Campionario Blu Ghibli Cup, a colour that pays tribute to the Blu Francia livery of the limited-run Maserati Ghibli Cup built during the 1990s.

The original owner of this 599 GTO owning one such example in period. The Ghibli Cup had been created at the hands of Luca di Montezomolo in 1995 and developed a staggering 330bhp from its 2.0 V6 engine, the most powerful 2.0-litre of its time.

Inside, this 599 GTO continues to be very well optioned, with Extra-Campionario blue-tinted carbon fibre, something that is extremely rare to see on a 599 GTO. The dashboard inserts, steering wheel, driver zone LED surround, F1 paddles, seats and door inserts all being treated to this request.

Another notable point of difference on this car is the body-coloured roof and no graphic livery. The seats continue the blue theme, finished in Extra-Campionario Blu Scuro leather with Blu Scuro Alcantara inserts, of course there’s also Blu Scuro seatbelts complete the interior!

Unusually for a GTO, privacy glass wasn’t ordered and the wheels on this car are finished in silver, this certainly helps the car look much more modern than many other 599 GTOs that suffer from having been specified with less timeless options.