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We love Ferraris in any colour – as long as they are blue

Red might be the most popular colour for Maranello’s famous Prancing Horses, but there’s this je-ne-sais-quoi about modern Ferraris in blue paint that we just cannot resist. Here are some fine examples from the Classic Driver Market to prove our point.

Out of the 750+ Ferraris currently offered for sale at Classic Driver, more than 250 are painted red. There is no other car brand that is so closely linked to a specific colour in our common imagination – and maybe that's the reason why we prefer our Prancing Horses in more subtle, elegant and unusual colours, especially the various shades of blue that can be found on Maranello's classic colour palette. The hues of the blue Ferraris listed in the Classic Driver Market ranges from lighter shades, like Azzurro Duco and Azzuro Metalizzato, to bolder ones, like Blu Elettrico and Azzuro Dino, before culminating in our favourites, Blu Tour de France and Blu Pozzi. We said it before, we will say it again: we like our Ferraris in any colour – as long as they are blue.

We cannot keep our eyes from these blue Ferraris for sale