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We all scream for a cream Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

Available with Mechatronik, this Ferrari 599 SA Aperta painted in Avorio would be the perfect way to cross Europe this summer. After all, the sound of a V12 with the wind in your hair is very tough to beat.

Named for the son and grandson, Sergio and Andreas, of Battista Pininfarina, founder of the famous coach builder, the Ferrari 599 SA Aperta is unquestionably one of the greatest open-top driving experiences there will ever be. It’s a historically significant car too, as the last roofless production Ferrari to be styled by Pininfarina, seeing as the F12 never got a drop-top variant. This 2011 599 SA Aperta available with Mechatronik is a stunning example of the breed, with an exterior finished in Avorio and a Carta da Zucchero blue interior, this is a truly unique specification and a fantastically subtle alternative to the scores of red Ferraris you’ll see on the street. 

Speaking of which, it’s impossibly unlikely that you’ll ever spot another 599 SA Aperta from behind the wheel of this prancing horse, with only 80 examples ever leaving Maranello. Not that you’ll even be focusing on other cars, as the 670hp, 6.0-litre, naturally aspirated V12 will surely have your eyes glued to the rev counter. Originally delivered in June 2011 to its first owner in Asia, the car was exhibited as part of his extensive Ferrari collection for 10 years, rarely being moved. That would explain the shockingly low mileage of 467 miles, which would suggest that the monstrous Enzo-derived V12 under the bonnet has barely been run in. As for the car’s condition, it’s unsurprisingly pristine and basically brand new, so make sure your driving gloves are of the white cotton variety if you’re feeling bold enough to put some miles on this pristine 559 SA Aperta. So, if you’re looking for your next summer cruiser and the current crop of convertible supercars simply lack the rarity or subtlety of this hyper-rare Ferrari, then this certainly wouldn’t be a bad choice.

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