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This svelte Porsche 911 is restomodding done right

It’s not easy to improve on a classic that’s as it was when it left the factory. But, as we’re increasingly seeing, when ‘restomodding’ is done right, the results can be fantastic. While this Porsche 964 has clearly been modified, it’s an exercise in restraint and all the more inviting for it…

Clean body, clean mind

The world of ‘restomodding’ is one of many facets. At the sharpest end of the scale, you have ultra tasteful (and very expensive) cars such as the Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer, or Rod Emory’s Outlaw 356s. At the other, however, there is a mishmash of gaudy and often overdesigned cars, many of which we wouldn’t be seen dead driving. Fortunately, good taste is prevailing and more and more people are creating restrained, clean and simple designs – take this Porsche 964, for example, which features in this slick short film. 

Video: Project-Definition

You can find almost 1,000 Porsche 911s listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market, many of which are ripe for restomodding.