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Snapshot, 1984: Bodo Buschmann and his latest brazen beauty

It’s 1984, and Bodo Buschmann, the founder of German tuning house Brabus, is in a jovial mood as he sits atop the tail of his latest creation, a ‘refined’ Mercedes 500 SEL. And deservedly so — since founding Brabus in 1977, he’s set the benchmark for tuning performance, quality, and aesthetic…

Cars ran so deeply through Bodo Buschmann’s veins that he couldn’t even wait until he’d finished studying to found Brabus, a company dedicated to the refinement of Mercedes-Benzes. And in the seven years since, he’s not only become renowned for his high-quality, audacious-looking, and technologically impressive creations, but he’s also helped to make vehicle tuning an acceptable (and respectable) industry. The success is a testament to his hard work, ambition, and ability to select the very best people from their respective fields to surround himself. ‘Never work for money — work for passion’ was his motto, and it shows. As luck would have it, the 1980s has spawned a new aesthetic craze — that for excess. And if you want automotive excess, join the back of the queue for a Brabus-tuned Mercedes.

We were saddened to hear that Bodo Buschmann, the founder and CEO of Brabus, has passed away at the age of 62.

Photo: Brabus