Silvermine's 11SR track car exudes classic style

Silvermine has become the latest independent European manufacturer to launch a track car – but, unlike others, the resulting 11SR has a body inspired by classic racing cars of the 50s, 60s and 70s…

Built from the chassis up

We’re beginning to lose count of how many small independent European companies are building track cars nowadays – but one thing’s for sure: any circuit-only machine should always prioritise substance over style. That’s not to say the latter needs to be ignored though, as Dutch company Silvermine has proved with its new 11SR (Sports Racer). Once engineer Frank van Rouendal had completed his development on the lightweight chassis, styling work was passed over to brothers Marco and Andries van Overbeeke, who refreshingly took inspiration from the 'Golden Era' of racing. While the simple form language of the body is impressive, it’s the small, honest details such as the exposed gear linkages that we appreciate most.

Beneath the transparent engine cover lies a 3.0-litre boxer-six from Subaru, tuned to 325bhp in track-only form and 225bhp in the ‘Street’ version. Deliveries will commence early next year, with a current lead time of six months.

Photos: Silvermine

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