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Porsche Macan: The spice is gone, but is it tasteless?

Porsche has taken the wraps off the latest addition to its ever-expanding family, the Macan SUV…

According to Porsche, the Macan is “the first compact SUV that is also a sportscar.” A little ambitious maybe, there’s no doubt about its positioning within the range: it’ll play little brother to the Cayenne, and most likely enjoy the same degree of sales success. Perhaps that success would be increased had Porsche adopted the much-rumoured and spicily relevant ‘Cajun’ (Cayenne Junior?), rather than the chosen, has-no-ring-to-it-at-all name –apparently relating to some sort of Indonesian Tiger.

A trio of V6 engines will allow the Macan to hunt down Evoques and the like – and will later be joined by more frugal four-cylinders. The company claims “the sporty DNA of the Macan is immediately recognisable in the design, with several elements taken from other Porsche sportscars and then enhanced for the Macan.” 

Photos: Porsche

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