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Jaguar F-type Coupé: 542bhp 'R' variant tops roofed range

Jaguar has used the LA Motor Show to showcase the coupé version of the F-type, whose variants will include a 542bhp ‘R’ derivative – the most powerful F-type yet…

Largely unchanged from the be-roofed C-X16 concept of 2011, the Coupé will follow its convertible sibling to market in 2014 with a choice of V6, V6 ‘S’ or V8 ‘R’ flavours. The latter, 542bhp variant will remain exclusive to the Coupé, a marketing decision no doubt guided by the increased torsional rigidity it holds over the convertible. In fact, the F-type Coupé is the stiffest road car the company has ever made.

Touring capabilities

Two main (of notably few) complaints about the convertible have been addressed: it's lighter, and there’s now luggage space which can actually accommodate luggage. Sun-worshippers who see this as reason enough to switch from the roadster will be pleased to know that a panoramic roof can be specified on the Coupé.

Photos: Jaguar

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