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Play cops and robbers, 1960s style, with the world’s most glamorous police car

It’s 1965 in Rome, and you’ve just relieved a young lady of her purse, hopped in a waiting getaway car and torn away in an explosion of noise and tyre smoke, only to check your rear-view mirror and see the local Polizia bearing down on you all too quickly in their Ferrari 250 GTE. Busted…

Squadra Mobile

From 1963 to 1968, Rome’s police force had this handsome V12 Grand Tourer in its fleet. It was delivered at the request of one of Italy’s most renowned officers, Armanda Spatafora, who realised that most criminals had an increasing penchant for fast cars. Ferrari supplied two GTEs (one of which was swiftly written off) and invited four distinguished officers to attend a high-speed driving course in Maranello. Before long, Spatafora and his Ferrari earned a reputation that truly preceded them, so much so that evading them became a prestigious feat in the Rome’s criminal underworld. 


Since retiring from active service in 1968, the only officially sanctioned Ferrari 250 GTE police car in the world has been meticulously maintained and exhibited at prestigious events across the world, including at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. In 1984, Spatafora was even reunited with the car at the Coppa delle Dolomiti race, where he duly secured the second quickest overall time! Today, this spectacularly preserved Ferrari (it’s got full Classiche certification, by the way) is the only privately owned police car in Italy permitted to drive with its siren, blue light and ‘Squadra Volante’ livery. And now it’s for sale, offered by those purveyors of the most glamorous Italian cars, Girardo & Co., at its second showroom in Italy. If you missed your calling as an enforcer of the law, what better way to play make believe than with this 250kph Ferrari V12? 

Photos: Tom Gidden for Girardo & Co. © 2020

You can find this 1962 Ferrari 250 GTR 2+2 Series II Polizia listed for sale in the Classic Driver Market, in addition to Girardo & Co.’s entire inventory of stock.