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Morgan’s EV3 concept shocks the 3 Wheeler into the 21st Century

Set to be revealed at Goodwood this weekend, the EV3 concept is the second fully electric car from Morgan, and is said to take an entirely different approach to electric motoring, with more emphasis placed on fun…

When we think about it, the 3 Wheeler is an ideal candidate to be ‘electrified’. At just 450kg, the electric 3 Wheeler is even lighter than its combustion-engined counterpart, and with a single 75kW electric motor (delivering circa 100bhp to the rear wheel), its range is apparently in the region of 150 miles – that's rather impressive. We’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t miss that rorty V-twin, though. Now, where are our goggles?

You can find several non-electrified Morgan 3 Wheelers for sale in the Classic Driver Market.