Lamborghini Espada: Opinion-splitter

Whether you love or loathe the styling, there’s no denying the Espada is an affordable route into the theatrical world of Lamborghini ownership...

To some it was the ugly sister; to others it was a gorgeously eccentric sweetheart. The unusual Gandini styling split opinions like few other cars. Its roots are in the wild 1967 Marzal Concept from which the Espada’s main design cues were taken: that unmistakeable sloping rear roofline, the wide flat surfaces and a huge expanse of glass, among others.

In comparison to its mid-engined brethren, the Espada seems to represent rather good value. It’ll lope along, four up, for mile after highway mile, making even the longest cross-continent journeys feel like relaxed jaunts. Yet the Italian V12 up front (from the Miura, remember) possesses power and grunt that's capable of accelerating the vast grand tourer more rapidly than you might think.

This Series II model is offered in an attractive maroon colour, and has benefitted from an extensive restoration. Espada values have been rising for some time and now could be a great time to buy, especially given that 2013 marks Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. It’ll split opinions, but it might win your heart, just as big V12 Lamborghinis always have.


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Photos: C.F. Mirbach