Is Ken Okuyama’s Kode Zero the Countach of tomorrow?

Ken Okuyama, the former Pininfarina designer who oversaw such modern classics as the Ferrari Enzo and the Maserati Birdcage 75th, has just revealed his newest bespoke creation, the wedgetastic Kode Zero…

Return of the wedge

Following the sleek and sexy Kode57 roadster concept, Ken Okuyama took an entirely different approach to the new Kode Zero. The unique hypercar’s wedge-shaped proportions hark back to the early 1970s, when the likes of Marcello Gandini were ripping up the rulebook and penning revolutionary cars such as the Lancia Stratos and the Lamborghini Countach. In a similar vein, Okuyama describes the Kode Zero, which was coach-built on Lamborghini Aventador underpinnings in Japan, as ‘the antithesis of modern supercar design’. Powered by a mid-mounted V12 developing 700bhp and tipping the scales (wet) at 1,550kg thanks to its carbon-fibre monocoque construction, the Kode Zero is a bold interpretation of a legendary era of design. Unlike Okuyama’s previous creations, however, this is a true one-off. 

Photos: Ken Okuyama Design 

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