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These 10 perfect Lamborghini Aventadors are for sale. Which one would you pick?

Lamborghini may have one of the greatest back catalogues of screaming V12-powered supercars in automotive history, but the most recent to join the historic lineup is the Aventador, and we’ve hand-picked 10 that caught our eyes…

You’re cruising along a scenic winding road high up in the hills surrounding Northern Italy. The crisp, clean air infused with a hint of wild herbs from nearby land creeps into the cabin, and as you round a sharp left-hander, you’re greeted by one of the best sights a car lover can come across: a tunnel. Sure, a naturally aspirated Ferrari V8 would be a wise choice, a gurgling rumble of a Mercedes-AMG V8 would be ear-splitting, but there are few engines in the world that sound quite like the symphony of a Lamborghini Aventador nailing the gears through a tunnel. 

We were equally as shocked by this revelation, but the Aventador has now officially reached its teenage years. In 2011, the car made its official debut, replacing the then decade old Murcièlago, and becoming the brand’s flagship supercar. The Avendator had some hefty shoes to fill, but with its outrageous looks, screaming 60-degree V12 engine and dynamic all-wheel-drive, it quickly picked up where the Murci left off. Over the years, the Avendator was treated to many special editions, with the Aventador S replacing the original model in 2016, where, just like the Murcièlago it followed, a decade after its release Lamborghini announced it would be replaced in 2022 with an all-new, hybrid-toting hypercar known as the Revuelto. Whether this new model will live up to the history books, time will tell, but for now we can enjoy the Aventador just a little longer!


Here are ten of our favourite examples from the Classic Driver Market: