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Jaguar gives the F-type a 4wd bite to match the bark

Jaguar is clearly keen to gets its claws into some more Porsche 911 buyers, as it has just announced that the existing F-type variants will soon also be available in 4-wheel drive…

Porsche identified the sales potential of a 4-wheel-drive sports car several generations of the 911 ago – but now the new-kid-on-the-block F-type is surely set to snatch a portion of those customers, with all-corner power deployment to be offered from 2015. Available in coupé and convertible body styles and in standard, S or R form (the latter of which shaves 0.2 seconds from the equivalent 2wd's 0-60mph time), the F-type is also set to receive a manual gearbox option, thus decreasing the price while widening its appeal.

Chasing tales in the desert

Ahead of its public debut at the LA Motor Show, the 4wd F-type was put through its paces testing communications equipment with the Bloodhound SSC world land speed record team in South Africa.

Photos: Jaguar

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