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It’ll take more than TLC to restore this Iso Grifo to its former glory

For over 20 years, this rare right-hand-drive Iso Grifo has lain dormant in a storage unit, completely forgotten. After it was recently rediscovered, the extent of its deterioration became frightfully clear proving that, contrary to popular belief, time is not a healer…

Pass the painkillers

While barn finds are highly sought after, they can prove a bit of a headache. On the one hand, they clearly need serious work to make them roadworthy and, more importantly, safe to drive. On the other, they usually retain almost all their original parts – the sum of which can add significant value to the car. Take this 1967 Iso Grifo GL Series 1, for example, which has lain forgotten for over two decades. It’s one of some 34 right-hand-drive examples and is, as you’d expect, remarkably original, down to the dashboard instruments and the original chrome bumpers in the boot. If you’ve got both the time and the means to carry out a meticulous ground-up restoration, this matching-numbers Grifo, which is set to cross the block at the RM Sotheby’s London sale, is longing to gleam in brilliant yellow once again. 

Photos: Tim Scott courtesy of RM Sotheby's © 2016

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