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Happy 70th birthday Land Rover!

When one of the most honoured and well-loved British automotive manufacturers invites you up to its facilities to celebrate 70 years of successful business, there’s no way you can pass it up. And so, here’s a little taste of our day celebrating all things Land Rover…

After being given nothing but a start time and a vague itinerary, we arrived at the Jaguar Land Rover Classic building yesterday morning with a great deal of intrigue. But given the event was called World Land Rover Day, we knew that we could at least expect a day filled with 4x4 fun — and Land Rover didn’t disappoint.

From the Jaguar Land Rover Classic building in Coventry, we were transported to the headquarters in Solihull, where we were introduced to ‘The Egg’, a salesroom that takes a PowerPoint presentation to the next level with projection mapping, and watched a retro safety video before we had our driver’s briefing — we were going to be let loose in some of Land Rover’s most beloved cars. Well, let loose may not have been the best term — we were going to convoy through windy country roads from Solihull to Coventry. While our Fuji White Defender 90 Works V8 wasn’t necessarily a classic, it sure was fun and rounded off the 70 years’ worth of cars in the convoy well. Ending back at Jaguar Land Rover Classic, we embarked on a tour of the restoration and service ‘shop’ and got a sneak peek at the 450-car collection the company owns. And to top the whole day off, we were part of the studio audience for the broadcast Land Rover sent out over YouTube last night. While a long day, a day filled with all things Land Rover is a good one, indeed. Here’s to another 70 years, Land Rover!

Photos: Land Rover

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