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A Ferrari 458 Italia to honour Niki Lauda

A few months after the release of the Hollywood epic ‘Rush’, one individual has commissioned Ferrari’s Tailor Made division to customise a 458 Italia in tribute to legendary racing driver Niki Lauda…

Focusing on his memorable spell racing for Ferrari – which included two Drivers' Championship wins – the customisation department has taken inspiration from Lauda's 312T F1 car.

Naturally, then, this Tailor Made 458 is red, but it also has a white roof and accents, as well as longitudinal roof-stripes in the colours of the Italian flag; and some very 70s gold wheels that really stand out.

Inside, the themed tribute continues. The stripes of the national flag are used again, while red stitching has free reign over the dashboard, instrument panel and seats – the latter of which are of a fittingly pared-back design.

The owner was clearly satisfied with the 458’s performance straight from the factory, as no mechanical upgrades were commissioned.

Photos: Ferrari

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