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Don't wake this grizzly 300hp Fiat Panda R5 from hibernation

M-Sport see your Panda 4X4 and raise you this wild R5 rally-regulation cube of pure mal-intent. They’ve also beaten us to the pun by naming it ‘Pandamonium’.

We always knew deep-down that the Fiat Panda’s full potential hadn’t yet been explored, and now M-Sport have thrown the gauntlet with this R5 Ford Fiesta-based rally car, called 'Pandamonium’. With bigger box flares than you can shake a stick at, four-wheel drive, and a five-speed sequential gearbox, it’s safe to say M-Sport have turned this Panda into a very pissed-off 300hp grizzly. We certainly wouldn’t want to run into one of these in the woods! Now all we need is a lifted Dakar special.