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A last kiss goodbye to the Peugeot 205 GTI

If you grew up in France in the 1980s, the Peugeot 205 was probably the 'hot hatch' you were dreaming about. Now Aguttes has released a wonderful homage to the original 'pocket rocket'.

'With Peugeot having just announced the end of the GTis from Sochaux, we felt it was imperative to pay tribute to the iconic sporting version of the 205, a car forever associated with a certain image of France in the 1980s', the team at Aguttes comments on the release of their latest video. So stop what you're doing, turn the synth beats up and follow the legendary ‘pocket rocket’ along the streets of Montmartre to meet the ultimate incarnation of the Peugeot 205. Meanwhile, the full catalogue for Aguttes's next auction, to be held on Sunday 21 March, can be found in the Classic Driver Market