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On a desert road trip with Belstaff, Mr Porter and a classic Mercedes

As part of Belstaff and Mr Porter’s collaborative ‘On The Road’ video series, this short film follows California-based Mercedes restorer J.G. Francis on a road trip through the desert, highlighting the most romantic aspects of classic car ownership…


Francis’s chosen steed is a 1973 Mercedes-Benz 250C coupé, his favourite of the 400-500 cars he has owned. Along the unplanned route, Francis encounters a breakdown during a rare desert downpour – but conveniently, he’s wearing a Belstaff jacket to protect him from the elements. Disaster averted (read: headlight fixed), Francis heads through the night-time fog and out into a glorious sunset, where a labyrinth of desert tracks awaits. As Francis says, “It’s not an adventure until you get lost.”

Photo/Video: Belstaff and Mr Porter

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