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Shwood for Mercedes: The S-Class of sunglasses

This small eyewear manufacturer has provided the framework for a clear view of what luxury style should entail, using the very same wood found on the dashboard of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class...

For decades, the Mercedes S-Class has remained the benchmark for automotive technology – but who would have thought the stately saloon would become a fashion icon?

At New York Fashion Week, the German manufacturer revealed its collaboration with Oregon-based sculptor of sunglasses, Shwood. Named the ‘Mercedes-Benz Collection’, the simple frames are hand-made using the different shades of wood found in an S-Class dashboard, with each of the four designs limited to 10 pieces and individually numbered on the hinge cover. Lenses are imported from German optical specialist Carl Zeiss, while a leather travel case is included in the $595 price. Deliveries begin 5 Oct 2013.

Photos: Shwood

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