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Crouch to enter: Motostalgia's microcars to make moves in Texas

We’re all for a big, beefy V12 grand tourer, but there are some occasions when a microcar is the only set of wheels you’ll need. This May, Motostalgia’s auction will give you several little wonders to choose from…

In the lotlist for the auction house’s 2 May sale in Seabrook, Texas, you won’t only find the staple microcars such as the Fiat 500 and BMW Isetta. Also catching the collective eye of the Classic Driver office is a lovable Subaru 360 Jolly, and a cute example of the Pinin Farina-styled, British-built Nash Metropolitan. And if downsizing isn’t enough, why not lose a wheel too, and go for an original example of the recently revived Morgan Three-Wheeler?

All lots to be sold at Motostalgia's 2 May auction in Seabrook, Texas, can be found in the Classic Driver Market.