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Is Hummer’s ultimate gas-guzzler now a bonafide modern classic?

With electrification on the rise and engine capacities dropping worldwide, is this the perfect time to buck convention and add one of the thirstiest off-roaders ever made to your collection? This Hummer H1 from Top Marques certainly has us thinking…

Much like other off-roading legends such as the Willys Jeep and Mercedes G-Wagon (and even the Lamborghini LM002), the Hummer started out life as a military vehicle designed to conquer any terrain the battlefield had in store. In the Humvee’s case, this was primarily wide-open expanses of desert, but in 1999 after GM bought the rights to the Hummer name, the now-rebadged H1 swapped military duty for the grocery run.

However, even in America, the H1 was comically large. While celebrity owners like Britney Spears, Mike Tyson, and Arnold Schwarzenegger certainly boosted the monolithic SUV’s street cred, skyrocketing gas prices and the 2008 recession swiftly doomed the H1 to extinction. Now, almost two decades after the Humvee’s zenith, is this the moment where the H1 returns to stardom, albeit among collectors? 

If you think so, this 2001 Hummer H1 Wagon available with Top Marques would be an excellent example to add to your garage. The exterior presents in impeccable original condition, while the interior has been upgraded with an extremely powerful sound system and a host of screens and cameras to make parking this apartment block on wheels that much easier. Currently showing a hair under 90,000 miles, this would be a great way to invade your local beach party this summer!