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Creating a storm: Lamborghini Aventador BAPE Arctic Camo

What type of vehicle would you want to take to the top of a mountain? Why, something with four-wheel drive, a ski box and plenty of cylinders, of course…

You might think that interpreting these requirements as a modified Lamborghini Aventador, rather than say, a G-Wagon or an old V8 Defender, would be a schoolboy's error. But Canadian tuning firm Dynamic Performance has in fact taken inspiration from professional Swedish skier Jon Olsson, who has been running supercars fitted with custom roofboxes and body wraps as daily drivers for some years now. His back catalogue includes two Gallardos, two Murciélagos (one being a 670-4 SV), a Nissan GT-R and an Audi R8.

Dynamic Performance’s Aventador has a few body modifications from (thankfully) the more subtle end of the usual supercar tuning spectrum, but the most obvious is that white-and-blue camouflage wrap. It was designed by Japanese clothing manufacturer A Bathing Ape (commonly shortened to 'BAPE'), which has previously clothed numerous cars in camouflage patterns – including the founder’s AMG-tuned 300 SL.

Photos: Marcel Lech

For further information about Jon Olsson's 'skiboxed' cars, visit

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