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Lamborghini Porrentruy: The sign of Taurus

Perhaps it's the good country air of the Swiss Jura that makes bulls feel so at home in the small town of Porrentruy, near the French border. Here, 30 years ago, Roland Affolter created a place of pilgrimage for Lamborghini enthusiasts...

The story begins in the early 1980s at the Geneva Motor Show: Roland Affolter, son of a farmer and avid automobile dealer, fell in love with the razor-sharp Lamborghini Countach - and not long after, he became the cars' official importer in Switzerland. When, in the early 1990s, the Countach was succeeded by the Diablo, Roland Affolter began not only to sell, but also to customise the V12 supercars. With plenty of carbon, new body elements, headlights, wheels and even automatic sunroofs, he created striking 'Evolution' models that captured the hearts of his customers. 

Lamborghini icons from three decades

Today, Affolter operates two showrooms, one in Porrentruy and one in Geneva; however, many of his customers originate from the early years and appreciate the classics. Hence in Porrentruy you'll find not only the latest Lamborghinis - such as the Aventador Anniversario and numerous Gallardo variants - on display in the showroom, but also a dozen Diablos in different stages of evolution, through to wild variations of the Murciélago , two or three Countaches, an LM002, and the two million-dollar Reventón in both coupé and roadster form. 

A small museum

Meanwhile, in another room, you can admire a customer's collection that includes such models as the Miura Jota and Diablo VT Roadster, while the in-house workshop currently sees an early Countach being fitted with a new interior. Anyone with a passion for Sant 'Agata bulls shouldn't miss the chance to visit Lamborghini Porrentruy.

Photos: Jan Baedeker

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