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Build your own Lamborghini Countach with Historics

While checking out the latest lots offered in Historics sale on September 25th, we were stopped in our tracks by the Lamborghini Countach LP5000S offered as a rare opportunity of a full rebuild project.

Do you remember the guy who built his own Lamborghini in his basement? Well, it took him 17 years, and he started with a gearbox from a De Tomaso Pantera. The end result was remarkable considering most parts were fabricated and the car was built underground using measurements and creativity.

Fear not though, the car pictured here is the real deal, a 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP5000S that was in regular use up until 2008, at which point the car was sent to a body shop for a full respray in its original black colour. Sadly, the business was closed and the car in its presented state was placed into storage where it has remained.

Having featured on the front cover of the book “The Spirit of the Bull”, and been used by British TV presenter Vick Butler-Henderson on the TV show Fifth Gear, we can be relatively confident that this was a good example of the raging bull. The vendor is also fairly sure that the car is complete, ready to be rebuilt and put back in to active service.

An amazing opportunity to be part of the history of a Countach, or perhaps use the fact that it is in bare metal to go wild and restore to your very own personal specification. We hope the lucky new owner will get in touch so we can see what happens to the car. Check out the full listing in the Classic Driver Market.