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The ultimate two-car garage is a pair of Lamborghini Diablo GTs

They say good things come in pairs, and that’s certainly true for the Diablo GT and Diablo GTR going under the hammer at BH Auction’s Collection Car Auction on October 10th in Tokyo, Japan.

What’s your favourite Lamborghini? Maybe you like the classics, in which case the Miura will undoubtedly be your choice, or, maybe like our Chief Editor, you think the LP500 prototype is the pinnacle of Lamborghini’s cars. Personally, the coolest raging bull ever, the one that makes all others seem a bit tame, is the Diablo GT, and even better, the track-only Diablo GTR. Well, if you agree then you need to check out BH Auction’s Collection Car Auction No. 5 on October 10th, because it might be your only chance ever to acquire both in one go. 

Let’s start off with the road car. Sitting at the top of the strada pecking order, the Diablo GT is what happens when you take an already very angry bull and piss it off even further. Extensive use of carbon and a revised chassis and suspension allowed the GT to be lighter and turn faster than any Diablo before it. An enlarged 6-litre V12 was wedged behind the driver, delivering 580 unruly horses through the rear wheels alone via a five speed manual, for which the customer could specify completely custom gear ratios. The bodywork was also totally different from other Diablos, with the GT sharing almost all panels with the track-only GTR, including the excellent roof scoop. The result of all this aggravation was what Lamborghini claimed to be the fastest car in the world, with a top speed of almost 340km/h. This particular car is number 22 of 80 and is finished in a brilliant shade of Giallo Flash. With an admirable 37,710km on the clock, this Diablo GT is arguably even more of a rarity as it has actually seen use! Currently on its second owner, who has taken care of the car for 10 years, this GT is in excellent condition with an immaculate interior and only a few minor stone chips to the front to show it has been driven, but never on track. 

Now for the one that has seen track time. The GTR took the Diablo GT recipe, stripped the interior, added a bit more power, and bolted an enormous wing directly to the chassis, in true racecar fashion. Built for the Lamborghini Super Trophy single-make race series that preceded today’s Huracan-only Supertropheo series, this GTR is number 18 of just 30 ever made, making it even more of a rarity than the other unicorn. It’s lower mileage too, with just 6,800km of track driving behind it, making it a prime example of one of the hottest Lambos ever. Both cars belonged to the same previous owner, so it seems only fitting that the next owner should keep the pair together — it would be rude to separate them, after all. So, if you have the means and exquisite taste in Italian supercars, then your perfect two-car garage awaits.