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Always wanted an Aston Martin with a little more space? This one has plenty

Although unconventional, Aston Martin are no strangers to a more versatile and purposeful version of their finest sports cars, and this V8 Sportsman Shooting Brake from Axel Schuette Fine Cars is a true rarity. We’ve got it in our line of sight for a closer look…

Dating way back to the 19th century, where hunters in England would use a horse-drawn carriage to transport their co-shooters and equipment in comfort, the term shooting brake was one that defined versatility. These purposeful creations would rarely be seen again as the automobile grew into fully-fledged modes of transports, leaving only a handful of manufactures to bring back the shooting brake as one-off creations, and perhaps the most famous example of all is Aston Martin. 

This love for space and luxury in harmony stemmed from Aston Martin owner, David Brown, who had his very own DB5 Shooting Brake built in 1963 for his personal hunting needs. Years later, a few select examples of Aston Martins would be give same treatment, but were crucially built by external coachbuilders. That all changed in 1998 with the example you see before you, which was the first Shooting Brake that Aston Martin manufactured itself. One of just three examples ever made, this British Racing Green example retains the Vantage coupe’s muscular styling cues of the front end, but those sweeping body lines open to reveal a squared-off rear, allowing plenty of space to house shooting equipment or, in this case, a smattering of interior-matched leather luggage. The traditional exterior shade is contrasted by its two-tone interior, a mix of subtlety and exuberance, which we think suits the car’s personality to a tee.

The V8 Sportman Shooting Brake is a car steeped in the rich heritage of all-purpose vehicles, built from a passion for a specific purpose, and yet it embodies the true British style and class that one would expect from one of the world’s best car makers. This fine example is ready for its next adventure, and is available at the German-based dealer Axel Schuette Fine Cars.