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Alpine’s mid-engined sports car edges closer to production

Over the weekend, Alpine celebrated its 60th anniversary at Le Mans by revealing the Celebration sports car, a mid-engined two-seater that takes styling cues from its predecessors…

Holster those party poppers, though – the Celebration is billed as a ‘show car’ rather than a production model, although it’s clearly a lot closer to reality than the (more dramatic) A110-50 concept of 2012. Specific details on the new car are yet to be released, but we expect a turbocharged four- or six-cylinder engine powering the rear wheels, with gunsights trained on the likes of the Alfa Romeo 4C, Lotus Elise and, to an extent, the Porsche Cayman.

Alpine pass

A ‘specially prepared’ show car completed a leisurely lap of Le Mans over the weekend, in tandem with the model from which it takes the majority of its cues, the Alpine A110.

Photos: Alpine

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