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Alpine Vision GT Concept hints at 2016 Berlinette

Revived French manufacturer Alpine has become the latest to create a Vision GT concept car for the popular Gran Turismo computer game series – and it supposedly hints at the design direction of the forthcoming, real-world Berlinette…

In so doing, Alpine will join a list of manufacturers that includes Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and Chevrolet-Chaparral in creating a no-constraints concept car built purely for the virtual world. As you might expect, the Renault sub-brand has called upon its own historical design cues, many of which come from the A110 – a car for which we professed our love not a week ago.

Familiar features

These features include the cross-shaped inboard LED lights recalling the black tape fitted to protect the lights of the 1960s rally cars; long lateral fins like those of the A210 and A220 Le Mans racers; and wheels that represent a modern take on the original A110 design. “We even took advantage of the exercise to subtly conceal several details that are directly inspired by the future Alpine, which will see the light in 2016,” says Alpine design director Antony Villain, “but I can’t give any more away about that.” After its initial reveal at the concept cars exhibition at Paris’s Festival Automobile International, the Alpine Vision GT will be displayed at Rétromobile 2015.

Photos: Alpine

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